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vadeBike is the safest and smartest parking network for bicycles and scooters, specifically designed to organize micro mobility and with the possibility of vehicle charging. It offers a service that generates foot traffic, with new economic revenue models.

It is the safest, most economical and space-saving hybrid parking solution on the market with two European patents.

A basic station (“smart node”) occupies the same amount of space as a car space and is composed of 5 vadeBikes, which is equivalent to 10 spaces.

vadeBike generates enough city and mobility data to profile users and their habits. This knowledge allows the creation of products and services based on this data.


The Smart Totem is an urban furniture system for capturing city data and other services such as 5G connectivity, advertising, water fountain, etc.

It would offer services to citizens with smart mobility, such as, for example: people flow monitoring and data on the stop/station itself, as well as the integration of micro mobility in public transport as a MaaS.


For shopping malls

vadeCity helps you have a service that will generate foot traffic, with new sources of income. And a securely networked, digitally connected micro mobility management.

For subway parking lots

vadeCity facilitates the incorporation of new vehicles, without having to take a wrong investment risk, with maximum profitability of the space, to become part of the mobility solution of the digitally connected city in a secure way.

For hotels and sustainable tourism

vadeCity promotes sustainable mobility in the tourism sector in a safe and orderly manner, with the possibility of a European Bikefriendly certification.

For municipalities and public entities

vadeCity proposes a safe, multipurpose and scalable solution for micro mobility in cities, organizing urban space, promoting sustainable mobility and compatible with Next Generation funds.

For private clients and special projects

vadeCity offers tailored-made solutions for any private sector client who wishes to incorporate the best solution for micro mobility, as it is safe, scalable and multipurpose.

For office buildings

vadeCity helps you to readapt to the new teleworking situation and new micro mobility in line with the European digitalization, in a secure way and, in addition, we make it easy for you to fill your building by making profitable unused spaces.